Stacey Michelle

DOB: June 5

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

This hot & sexy Atlanta girl will always have a special place in our memories…..cause she was our 1st Fast & Sexy cover model in January 2007. And she’s proven she has everything it takes to be an all-time favorite HOT & SEXY TOPLESS & NUDE MODEL. See for yourself… she poses with a red ’69 Corvette Convertible, an orange Lamborghini Murcielago, and really hot Lamborghini Gallardo! She also LOVES doing hot & sexy girl-girl action – so check out her shoots with Sarah Oliver doing a carwash – a really sexy series with Brantley Dickson as their naked nipples press together – and a really fun and hot shoot with Kelly Bentley, as they give an unbelievably sexy way to enjoy eating a birthday cake (want a hint?? Then imagine two gorgeous breasts pressed into a cake… then the erotic fun begins ..with lots of lickin’ goin’ on!!!!!) YUMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!