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Heaven Sapp Biography
Heaven Sapp
DOB: May 3

Hometown: Victorville, CA

Interests and Hobbies: Hiking, Working out, Rock Climbing, Skydiving

Accomplishments: Teen Miss California 2002

Heaven is from Las Vegas, and her hot series of photos was shot in the desert…alongside her very own Mercedes convertible – wearing only a pair of black boots – HEAVEN NOELLE SAPP is NUDE !!!! Who would have ever imagined that “Miss Teen California 2002” would NOW be showing Fast & Sexy members ALL of her heavenly totally naked body – but we’re glad she is – So take a look, and you’ll be glad too!! She admits to being a risk-taker…. rock climbing and sky diving ….and she also enjoys “working out”. When you see HEAVEN NOELLE SAPP’s HOT NUDE BOD, we’re betting that you will want to join her for a work-out too. (…so you wanna know where the line forms????)

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