Brittany Turner

DOB: September 9

Hometown: Birmingham, AL


My daughter

Music, shopping, tattoos, and traveling

Brittany Turner, a 19-year-old native of Birmingham, Alabama said that her shoot with Fast and Sexy was exciting, fun, and definitively something she’d do again! Though she’s done some modeling in the past, she says that shooting for Fast and Sexy has been her favorite. Now a freshman at Jefferson Community College, she’s not sure what her definite plans are for her future, but says that she wants to do something that makes the world a better place. When asked if she was hit on more by men or women, Brittany said, I get hit on by both about the same….and I like it! She has a number of tattoos, but says that her favorite ones are two that say her daughter’s name and one on her ribcage which is the name of a dear friend that passed away. When Fast and Sexy asked Brittany what her favorite attributes about her personality were, she said, I am outgoing for a fact, and I pretty much say what I want, when I want to. It’s always done more good for me than bad. With a stunning smile, voluptuous curves, and raven hair streaked with wild red, she’s sure to turn heads! All this beauty and brains…and she’s single, boys! Stay a while here at Fast and Sexy and purchase all of Brittany Turner’s hot photos!