Giavonna Signorile

DOB: March 20

Hometown: Ludlow, KY


I am a cosmetologist and makeup artist I am going to school for my business degree and hope one day to be a self made millionaire! Life is too short to not pursue everything you want!!

Giavonna Signorile, a native of Ludlow, Kentucky is a sassy brunette with bedroom eyes that won’t quit. Her greatest passion is modeling, but she says that the way she best expresses herself is through dance. With a figure like hers you can only imagine how hot she can get the dance floor. Giavonna travels all over the states for her career and can’t get enough of a life on the go. The time she does have for fun she spends with her friends….and on the lookout for the perfect man! One of her heroes is Marilyn Monroe and thinks a natural, curvy gal is destined to rule the world one day. Not only delicious to look at, she’s also intelligent. Giavonna is a cosmetologist as well as a makeup artist going to school for a degree in business. When asked what she wants out of her future, Giavonna says she wants to be a self-made millionaire. So check out all her photosets here and see how she can dominate a shop scene or outshine the sun basking outside. Only Fast & Sexy can give you such hot gals and muscle cars!