Jenni Dee

DOB: May 1

Hometown: New Smyrna Beach, FL

Swimming, Reading, Jogging

She is from New Smyrna Beach FL…… and is a HOT SEXY GIRL you will never forget!!!! Jenni was Fast & Sexy’s December ’08 cover model. Sweet…. Fun-loving… and she’s PROUD of her killer body….as she poses with our Dodge Viper …and our world-famous Prowler!!! …and speaking of Jenni Dee’s hot bod, the images of her long sexy toned legs reaching from her long black boots….all the way to heaven….. will be remain in your mind FOREVER!!!! And when she’s teasing you mercilessly… she poses in our auto repair shop……slowly sliding down her barely-there teeny bottom….. you will always remember the gorgeous NEARLY NUDE JENNI DEE…cause she’s the perfect recipe for HOT SEX PHOTOS….. long tanned & toned legs in long black boots, beautiful bare boobs, a gorgeous sweet face, long dark exotic hair!!! Seems like a DELICIOUS recipe for everybody – guys AND girls!!!!