Kaylynn Conrad

DOB: October 17

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas


Medical Assisting License, ASL interpreter for all BRHS musicals years 2004-2010, Newspaper Editor 2004-2008, Yearbook Editor 2004-2008.

Kaylynn Conrad, a native of Little Rock Arkansas, is an amazing blond with a brilliant smile! She’s an aspiring model and actress that’s already made waves in both competitive fields. She has previous modeling experience with the LeaderinSports Calendar and a speaking part in the new David Prior film, Night Claws. When asked how her experience went with F&S, Kaylynn said, It was a lot of fun! We were all crazy. Her favorite car is a 2010 black Lambo and says that it’s, The sexiest car I’ve ever seen in my life. Some of her hobbies include soccer, dance and modeling. Kaylynn Conrad’s biggest dream is to make it in Hollywood and model for Victoria’s Secret. With beauty and brains, she proved her sharp intellect during a high school performance of Les Miserables where she interpreted the entire production in American Sign Language. Kaylynn tells F&S that she’s outgoing, crazy and smart and we’re positive her future is going to be bright!