Me-Shell Leslie

DOB: November 12

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Alabama has a lot of reasons to rank high – but one of the hottest reasons is ME-SHELL LESLIE! This dark-haired beauty has a body that will rock you!!! After you check out Me-Shell’s individual TOPLESS photos, make sure you look at her ohhhhh so sensual girl-girl shoots with SAMANTHA S. We won’t tell you too much – but wait till you see hands cupping the other’s bare tits… their bodies pressed together with nipples touching. ME-SHELL’s perfectly toned body will make you green with envy, as she poses TOPLESS alongside our green Viper – as well as hot sexy TOPLESS poses alongside our red and blue Vipers. ME-SHELL LESLIE is a “KEEPER”….. (that is… if you enjoy a gorgeous nearly naked body with beautiful bare boobs!!!)