Rachel Kennedy

DOB: February 1

Hometown: Boston, MA


Model for Signature Models for Autograph World, Dean’s List in college.

Rachel Kennedy is a beautiful model from Boston, Massachusetts with a perfect smile, sparkling blue eyes and a knock out figure that no man will soon forget. Not only intelligent and fun-loving, Rachel is also a huge fan of cars. She reported to F&S that her favorite racing machine of all time is a black Mercedes SL 65 AMG. She has a pitbull named Millie she rescued 3 years ago. Rachel also loves to give back to our country and supports our troops in many ways. Any man brave enough to approach this gal better have on their A game….and maybe a bulletproof vest! Rachel had a great time at the F&S shoot and proves here that she’s as glamorous as she is delightfully quirky. She was asked if she was hit on more by men or women, and she quickly piped up, MEN! I love my men! After looking at these incredible photos we’re sure that you men will love her right back. Take just a peek at these awesome posters and you’ll definitely want to buy ‘em all!