The Ikki Twins

DOB: February 18

Hometown: San Diego, CA


Cover of Import Tuner, Playboy leather collection model, umbrella girl calendar, Benchwarmer model, featured in 2005 Sexy Corvettes Calendar, 2006 Fast & Sexy Calendar, and 2007 American Sportscar Calendar.

Rikki and Vikki – To say these beautiful sexy girls have been around . . . is putting it mildly. True “California girls.” They’ve even been Playboy models during their rise to fame. We were fortunate to do our first photoshoot with these twin hotties back in 2004. We featured them in the 2005 Sexy Corvettes Calendar, our 2006 Fast & Sexy Calendar, the 2007 American Sportscar Calendar, and we’re still shooting them whenever we can catch them! These hotties are the “dreams” of both guys and girls . . . since they are comfortable not only with their beauty and hottie bodies, but with their sexuality as well (remember, they had their own show on MTV – “Double Shot At Love” – featuring straight guys and lesbian girls). After their show, we caught up with them to do more shoots, including a sexy series featuring Rikki and Vikki TOPLESS alongside two orange Lamborghinis. We’ve done eight shoots with them, always with fast and sexy cars – and there will be more! We can’t think of many things sexier than these gorgeous and sexy TWINS wearing only their teeny bikini bottoms – TOPLESS – and always featuring expensive collector’s edition fast and sexy cars!