Tosha Lyn

DOB: September 4

Hometown: Calhoun, GA

This Calhoun GA girl was our Fast & Sexy cover model in March 2008. TOSHA LYNN has probably done more TOPLESS and NEARLY NUDE photos for us than anybody else. Talk about TITS & ASS….. ohhhhh dear god….. TOSHA HAS IT ALL….. with a perfectly toned body and long shapely legs to make it complete!!! TOSHA LYNN’S HOT TOPLESS NEAR-NUDE VIDEO is one of the sexiest you’ll ever see…. As she slowly strips, caresses her wonderful body, holding her tits in her hand… and sliding her teeny bottom wayyyyyyyyy down (yep, all the way top THERE!!!! TOSHA LYNN also LOVES SEXy GIRL-GIRL ACTION….and her series with Tiffany Ryan and the Classic 66 red Corvette is something you’ll never forget!!! She also shot with our souped up 34 Ford, and the Lamborghini Murcielago. One thing for sure…..the more you see of TOSHA LYNN’S BEAUTIFUL BARE BODY … the more you will come back over and over and over again!!!