April 19, 2018

Kristie Franklin w/ Ferrari F430 Poster


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  • BEAUTIFUL BRUNETTE: Enjoy the erotic back shot pose Kristie Franklin delivers while leaning on this modern classic. Sporting only high heels and a black mini skirt, she brings the perfect amount of sexy to the suburbs. Making this a must have for any collector.
  • ITALIAN CLASSIC: The Ferrari F430, the Italian manufacturer’s successor to the Ferrari 360 was an instant classic. This bright red Italian Stallion is fully loaded with all the horsepower you need and only the best of hood ornaments. Making this image the perfect combination of speed and beauty.
  • PERFECT SIZE: This poster is the ideal size for any room in the house. The perfect size allows for easy framing and makes for great wall decor.
  • 100% AUTHENTIC: Fast & Sexy is the ONLY authorized seller of these posters! Beware of counterfeit products from other sellers as their posters can be pixelated, faded or made from cheap material. All products from Fast & Sexy are 100% authentic.
  • PRINTED IN THE USA: These high quality photos are 100% made and professionally printed in the United States. Our posters are fade resistant ensuring they can be preserved for a long period of time.

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